Dec 24

Applications Of Lithium Enzymatic And Homocysteine Enzymatic Assay Kit In Medicine

In medical field, experiments and researches on different medicinal agents and their nature are constantly conducted to find better treatment of diseases and wellness of human beings. Use of various assay kits is also one such investigative procedure that is conducted in fields like life sciences research, drug discovery and enhancement, environmental effects of drugs, molecular biology and so on. The applications of using assay kits are broad; they are variably used for purposes such as studying diseases, potential drug identification, the composition of elements in a drug, and so on. The main objective of an assay kit is to assess or measure the presence or exact amount of a target entity that is also called the analyte. The target can be anything from a drug, biochemical substance to a cell in an organism. The assay kit measures the intensive properties of the analyte that can be proved an effective treatment for a disease.

Some of the most commonly utilized assay kits for important tests in medical field are as follows:

Hydroxyproline Assay Kit: This assay kit is used for quantitation of the total collagen in all types and species in tissue specimens and tissue homogenates.

Lithium Enzymatic Assay Kit: Lithium Kit is used for vitro analysis to detect the amount of lithium in an individual’s serum. This technique is popular in medicine because of its cost effectiveness and a non-alkaline and better alternative of ISE methods.

Homocysteine Enzymatic Assay Kit: This is utilized to evaluate the presence of L-homocysteine in serum or plasma of the patient. This is mainly used in diagnosis of hyperhomocysteinemia and homocystinuria diseases. This method is a better alternative of HPLC and immunochemical methods.

Glucose Assay Kit: Glucose Assay Kit facilitates direct measurement of glucose in various biological samples such as serum, plasma, body fluid, food, growth medium and so on. This method is faster, simple, sensitive, and best suitable for high throughput. This assay kit is also used in determination of glucose level in fermentation and glucose feeding.

Ethanol Assay Kit: This assay is used for accurate measurement of ethanol concentration in a variety of biological samples such as serum, plasma, body fluids, foods, and so on. This is also a faster and simpler method for examination than other alternatives.